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Haiti is in need of improved safety and security from an overall standpoint. We have many options to help this region– from AI to sustainable technology and more– StartupBoat is determined to provide resources and aid


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  • What is StartupBoat? is a humanitarian entrepreneurship incubator that match-makes teams of people who want to create innovative solutions for social and environmental challenges around the world together. We enable projects in different parts of the world with our matchmaking algorithm to find the right team members, with our online incubation program to help teams keep track of their specific goals, and with an extensive ecosystem of support that consist of experts, key strategic partners and investors in different sectors.
  • How do I sign up?
    Look for a link on our website's homepage in the top navigation menu that says "Sign up". By clicking on that link you will be guided to two options “Start a project” or “Join a team”. Follow the one that fits for you and fill in your personal information. We will get in touch with you soon!
  • How do I work with a team?
    Our projects require team members from diverse backgrounds such as finance, marketing, law, technology, project management, architecture, food industry, airlines, and more. By digitally joining an internationally connected team, you can contribute your unique knowledge and skills based on your interests and abilities, thereby enriching the team and its assigned project.
  • Are the projects financially profitable?
    Our entrepreneurial approach aims to ensure financial profitability for each project. However, we will only sustain the project in a specific region or crisis for as long as it is necessary.
  • Who can be part of StartupBoat?
    Anyone can participate in StartupBoat by providing their financial support and/or contributing their skills and knowledge to specific projects from anywhere in the world.
  • How much time do I need to provide if I want to participate in a project?
    You can choose to provide as much time as you want, whether it's a small amount of time by contributing financially or a significant amount of time if you're passionate about the project and can contribute your skills.




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Positions available for Haiti


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