StartupBoat is a mobile social incubator on a mission to unite people based on a common value system who build sustainable solutions for social challenges like mass migration, that can result in big opportunities.

Paula Schwarz is a German-Greek tech entrepreneur and the founder of Startupboat.

Her purpose is to make an impact on the lives of refugees and displaced people by seeing migration as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

The idea of the Startup Boat was born in 2014 on a bus in Africa called the “Ampion venture bus”, a for-profit venture, run by an international group of tech-entrepreneurs  to support underprivileged African founders.

Paula founded the Startup Boat in 2015, when millions of refugees arrived on boats in Europe, many of them at the coast of her home island of Samos.

Startup Boat is a non-profit incubator that supports innovators of different industries who create tech-based solutions to local challenges. Soon, she was able to grow several different solutions in the areas of healthcare, fin-tech, shelter innovation, connectivity, crisis management and mobility that were used by a total of 9 million people.

Since then, Startup Boats have scaled to the Philippines, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Turkey, Jordan and Germany.

Solutions built on Startup Boats range from projects in sectors such as recycling, mobility, fin-tech and information technology to education, real-estate, housing  and ocean conservation.