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2024 Cosmopolis Samos

The spirit of collaboration and innovation ignited during our 2023 House of Beautiful Impact trip on Mykonos and continues to empower positive change. It brought together brilliant minds for a common purpose: to create a lasting impact and uplift those in need.

Revisit the Highlights: A Spark of Inspiration

As we reflect on the 2023 House of Beautiful Impact, let's revisit the moments that ignited our collective passion for service:

  • Each day began with mindfulness sessions, fostering a sense of well-being and centeredness, allowing participants to approach humanitarian efforts with renewed clarity and compassion.  A grounded mind is better equipped to navigate complex challenges and develop effective solutions for those in need.

New Collaborations Take Center Stage:

The true power of impact was unleashed through the inspiring collaborations that emerged. Let's celebrate some of the brilliant minds who came together to create positive change:

One Ukraine Gains Legal Power: Yulia, the visionary behind One Ukraine, joined forces with the Cosmopolis team. This collaboration promises to strengthen legal advocacy for Ukrainians across borders.

RefugAI Sets Sail: Developers from Silicon Valley tirelessly built RefugAI 0.2, a crucial tool to assist refugees. With on-site testing by refugees and aid workers, RefugAI 0.2 is poised for an impactful launch this year.

Powerhouse Partnerships: The collaboration between Accenture and Ahura AI solidified the immense potential of unified efforts in achieving shared goals.

AI and the Law: A Look Ahead: Florian Mayer of CMS Law offered an insightful talk on the evolving impact of AI on European legal systems, sparking discussions about the future of legal frameworks.

Getting Real on Samos: Save the Date for the next Cosmopolis Trip

We're hereby announcing Cosmopolis Samos. Our upcoming group trip will take place from August 15-25, 2024 on the important island of Samos, Greece.

Why Attend?

Cosmopolis Samos brings together those who make a difference…

Be Part of the Resilience of Samos: Get to know the beauty of Samos and the hidden qualities of its local and visiting residents. 

Learn from the Lived Experience: Visit the bombed refugee camp called The Jungle, and get an informal introduction to the struggling ecosystem. Get a closer look into the human impact of border issues and the need for improved living conditions.

Empower Change through Collaboration: Engage with NGO representatives and local leaders. Explore how the private sector can play a more supportive role in assisting refugees and fostering economic opportunities.

Navigate Solutions, Not Borders: Be part of solutions to challenges faced by border communities and their visitors. Tackle sensitive issues head-on, promoting empathy, understanding, peace, and progress.

Join The Global City Cosmopolis: Develop a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between policy, safety, and business in the context of refugee resettlement.

Cosmopolis Samos goes beyond tourism.  Join us in fostering long-term solutions and supporting those most in need.

A More Detailed Timeline

August 15: ArrivalOver the weekend:  We will travel down the most prominent human trafficking routes between Turkey and Greece, Asia and Europe. Also, we will explore the island’s rich history and the ongoing challenges faced by refugees and the local community. (Visit of strategic sceneries)

August 19: Visit of the bombed camp ‘The Jungle’ and discussion with former residents.

Collaborate with representatives from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to explore innovative solutions and tools for effectively managing mass migration and supporting those in need.

August 21st: Visit of high-security refugee camp. Classified conversations in the new Closed Controlled Access Center (CCAC) near Zervou on Samos in Greece

August 23rd: Meeting with the Mayor of Samos.

Visit of Art Space in Pythagorio (the village where Pythagoras had his school) alongside other historic places.

Pythagorio is a picturesque town on the southeast coast of Samos, named after Pythagoras to honor his legacy. The town boasts a rich history, blending ancient ruins with modern attractions.

August 24th: Visit of scrapyard (sunk boats etc.).

Witness the graveyard of the diverse collection of sunken boats transporting refugees away from war and desperation. 

August 25th: Departure. Departure from Samos, carrying newfound knowledge, friendships, and a commitment to continued action.

Global City Cosmopolis Samos is a community of passionate individuals dedicated to creating a better future. Whether you're interested in sustainability, technology, law, or simply making a difference, we invite you to join us. Here's how:

  1. Visit Our Website: Sign up as a helper to stay updated on all things Cosmopolis 

  2. Connect on Social Media: Send us your ideas on creating positive change.

  3. Collaborate Locally: Propose initiatives in your own community and post them as a help offer on Cosmopolis

We hope to see you on Samos this August or on Cosmopolis ASAP. For participation on the trip and all information regarding accommodations etc., please email


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