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Cosmopolis: Connecting Refugees and Helpers

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Refugees face tough challenges as they seek safety. Often, refugees feel isolated and disconnected from their new communities. But there's a promising solution on the horizon: the Cosmopolis app by StartUp Boat. This app is more than just technology; it acts as a bridge connecting people from different backgrounds. It helps refugees make friends and feel more at home.

How Cosmopolis Works

With the help of Cosmopolis, refugees are paired with helpers based on shared interests and experiences. This way, real connections can form. Helpers can also give practical help like a place to stay, clothes, and other things refugees might need. It's a place of support and care.

  • Matching Made Easy: The app connects refugees with helpers who understand and care about their experiences.

  • Building Trust: Regular chats and shared activities help refugees and helpers build trust and feel like part of a community.

  • Growing Together: As refugees and helpers bond, they help each other learn about new cultures, find jobs, explore entrepreneurship and academic possibilities, and integrate into their communities better overall.

Why We Need Cosmopolis

By the end of 2022, more than 108 million people were forced to leave their homes due to problems like conflict, violence, and human rights issues.

  • 35 million refugees had to escape to other countries.

  • 62 million individuals had to flee their homes but stay within their own countries.

  • 5.4 million asylum seekers asked for protection in other countries.

  • 5.2 million individuals needed help across borders, most were from Venezuela.

Paula Schwarz in front of a house of a refugee

By May 2023, over 110 million people were forcibly displaced. This is the biggest yearly increase ever recorded by The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR.

With so many people facing displacement, Cosmopolis steps in as a solution. It goes beyond technology – it's a way to connect lives, regardless of where they come from. Cosmopolis isn't just about numbers; it's about people, their connection, and the chance to make things better.

Paula Schwarz sitting with refugee

Become a Cosmopolis Member

Joining Cosmopolis isn't just signing up for an app – it's joining a movement. For only $10 every six months, there’s the opportunity to make priceless connections, shape a brighter future, and make a difference.

Refugees face challenges, but Cosmopolis is here to help. Whether you're a helper or a refugee, joining Cosmopolis means joining a community that cares. Let's create a world that knows no borders. Join us today!


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