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Empowering Women: Celebrating Women's History Month with Startup Boat

Updated: Apr 11

March was dedicated to celebrating the remarkable achievements of women throughout history. This year, we concentrated on the significance of independence, integration, and individuality for women, specifically those who have fled their homes due to conflict or persecution. It is essential to acknowledge and support the women who have faced unimaginable challenges and hardships, raise awareness, and honor their resilience, strength, and courage.

Why Independence, Integration, and Individuality Matter

Women who are refugees or migrants often face unique challenges. They may have lost loved ones, experienced trauma, and faced language and cultural barriers in their new homes.  Being independent gives them the confidence and ability to rebuild their lives. Integration allows them to connect with their new communities and feel a sense of belonging.  Individuality empowers them to pursue their passions and dreams.

Startup Boat:  Connecting Women for Success

At Startup Boat, everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.  Our platform connects refugees, migrants, and project owners with the support and resources they need.  This includes connecting women with mentors, educators, and other women who can offer guidance and support.

Through Cosmopolis, we are able to:

Match Women with Mentors: We connect women with experienced professionals who can provide career advice, emotional support, and guidance on navigating their new environment.

Build Skills and Confidence: We offer workshops and training programs that help women develop the skills they need to be successful, from language learning to job readiness training.

Foster Community: We strive to foster a sense of community among women by providing a safe space for them to connect with others who share similar experiences. This creates an opportunity for women to build lasting friendships, share resources, and support one another.

In addition, we also list job opportunities on our platform to help people find work. At Cosmopolis, we believe in the power of collective kindness to drive change. We welcome everyone to join our movement and become a part of our global community that weaves together support, crossing continents and cultures. Whether you are seeking assistance or want to offer a helping hand, we are here to help you.

A gathering of different women

Celebrating Women's History Every Day

While Women's History Month is a time for focused celebration, Startup Boat works to empower women every day.  We believe that by supporting women on their journeys to independence, integration, and individuality, we can create a brighter future for all.

In honor of Women's History Month, we would like to introduce you to some of our esteemed helpers at Cosmopolis. Our dedicated CEO, Paula Schwarz, along with our helpers and advisory board, work tirelessly to ensure that we make steady progress on the right path with precision and momentum.

Paula Schwarz

Paula Schwarz

Paula Schwarz, the founder of Cosmopolis and Startup Boat, shifted from investment management to leading initiatives such as the Venture Bus in Africa and founding the World Datanomic Forum.

Ronda Robinson

Ronda Robinson

Ronda, an acclaimed talent strategist with two decades of expertise in talent and learning development, supports Cosmopolis in welcoming new users.

Mitzi Perdue

Mitzi Perdue

A dynamic and accomplished leader with a diverse background spanning business, agriculture, journalism, and philanthropy.

Julia Finkeissen

Julia Finkeissen

Excelling in IT entrepreneurship, real estate, contemporary art advisory, digital innovation, academia, board membership, and motherhood, Julia Finkeissen is a dynamic figure.

Tee Ganbold

Tee Ganbold

The Co-Founder and CEO of OpenESG, previously Co-Founder and CMO of Clear AI, is dedicated to creating global sustainability solutions through innovative technology.

Nicole Enslein

Nicole Enslein

CEO of Sublime Communications leads a women-owned firm driving explosive growth through innovative methodologies, achieving notable successes and actively contributing to industry and academia.

Join us in making a difference!

As we commemorate Women's History Month, let us also renew our commitment to the ongoing fight for gender equality and empowerment and amplify women's voices. Supporting initiatives like Startup Boat help promote inclusivity and collaboration, and work towards a future where every woman can succeed. 

Together, we can build a world where empowerment has no limits - where every woman's story is celebrated, valued, and cherished. Let us strive to create a world where all women have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Whether you're a woman seeking support, a mentor with valuable skills to share, or simply someone who believes in the power of connection, there's a place for you at Startup Boat. Visit our website or social media pages to learn more about how you can get involved.


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