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News Ecuador

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

A powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Andean region of southern Ecuador and northern Peru on Tuesday, leaving 15 people dead and 445 others injured. The epicenter of the earthquake was located in Balao, Ecuador, and several aftershocks have since followed, increasing the risk of tsunamis.

The disaster has left 200 families without homes, with many having lost everything they own. In Peru, 200 families have also lost their homes due to the earthquake. In response, the president of Ecuador has promised to provide housing solutions and is seeking emergency funds from multilateral credit organizations to help those affected by the disaster.

The damage caused by the earthquake was severe, with several bridges collapsing in the area. The president has asked the United States for help installing a provisional bridge to assist with rescue and recovery efforts.

The earthquake has caused widespread devastation in the region, and rescue efforts are ongoing to help those affected by the disaster. The president of Ecuador has urged the international community to provide assistance to help the affected families recover from this tragic event.


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