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News About Haiti

Updated: Feb 28

Haiti has a few current pressing needs including:

1.) Improving the safety and security at both the local and militia levels

2.) Establishing a stable and reliable government

3.) Addressing the sanitation crisis in the capital.

There may be opportunities to leverage revolutionary technologies and AI to enhance infrastructure and support law enforcement. Some examples include drones, solar-powered surveillance, and armored vehicles. Increasing the number of police officers is also a priority. The current police force is outnumbered.

Can global leaders help and guide in the restructuring of the judicial system while preserving Haiti's heritage?

Can trash be turned into energy to incentivize sanitation? In regard to sanitization, there are little to no trash bins in the streets. Assets such as dumpster trucks and gutter-cleaning machinery may be needed to combat the lack of bins and sanitary practices. Haiti's sanitation laws and processes also require a complete overhaul. The supplies mentioned will not have a meaningful impact without a process in place.

It can be difficult to determine exactly what material support is needed in Haiti without having deeper conversations with people in various sectors who experience resource shortages on a regular basis. It may be beneficial to engage with reporters that have recently been to Haiti or local communities and organizations to better understand their specific needs and how best to provide support.

Other pressing issues in this region include health, education, and economic development, which should be addressed as well. However, the focus discussed above is on the current – and most urgent –needs/opportunities for improvement that have been observed.

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