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StartupBoat Turkey

What we do

Fly deliverables to Iskenderun with Turkish Airlines. (Deliveries for the World Food Program included) Delivery trucks are coordinated on the ground to bring the loads to rented spaces in the area. RefAid helps distribute services over a larger area with local staff to prevent the rise of a centralised refugee camp structure.

Psychosocial support are being prepared through train the trainer approaches.

Long-Term Objective Since the situation in Turkey is getting worse politically and for society, it is important to implement educational programs, food-management programs, psychosocial support programs, employment programs and peaceful residency programs in as many areas as quickly and as lastingly as possible.

We create user groups for educational providers, employers, and helpers of different industries to introduce our incubation program soon at a crucial point in time .

Partners The European Parliament The European Commission Gropyus Artolution RefAid The Desert Flower Foundation

The World Food Program

To offer your support or obtain more information, please contact or


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